Getting on the right foot

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Getting on the right foot

Post  Krager on Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:22 pm


your villages are a bit like a role-play game, you need to become the best village out of the five.
To Fight another post it in your village forum and pm the leader (Kage) of the the village you wish to attack. the Kage of the village must choose 5 people from their village and they will try to get the most comments in the topic: 'fight [Village 1] Vs [Village 2] dd/mm/yyyy' battle time(00:00) the length will be decided in the chat box you will post in that topic the attacking village made. other villages may help in the battles only if asked or by offer.

to Ally another village post in your villages forum as new topic (only Kage can do this) and send a pm to the Kage of the village you wish to ally and if they accept they accept if not, so be it!

The Leading village will be decided by the most Yen (Points (Japanese money)) and posts the village or Kage has made.

there will be a topic known as Leader-Board that shows which village has won the most battles and is the most powerful village bounce

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